Smart Answers to Veal.

Casey’s veal is USDA Choice cut, the United States Department of Agriculture’s symbol for excellence. Veal is lean, flavorful and tender. Check out our recipes.

Shanks, Cuts, and Chops

  • Boneless Veal Stew
  • Breaded Veal Patties
  • Calves Liver
  • City Chicken Legs – cubed veal and pork
  • Lean Ground Veal
  • Mock Chicken Legs – ground veal and pork
  • Rack of Veal*
  • Veal Breast*
  • Veal Cutlets – thin cut
  • Veal Loin Chops*
  • Veal Roast – shoulder or leg
  • Veal Shanks* – Osso Buco

*Please call one day ahead to ensure availability.