It’s the Real Thing. Smart Answers to Perfect Meat.

While at Casey’s Foods, be sure to visit our famed sixty foot, full service meat counter. Staffed by sixteen meat cutters who are true 
craftsmen, you will receive a level of customer service unlike any 
you’ve experienced. Our butchers give you their full attention and are happy to educate you on the different cuts available, cooking instructions, preparation tips, or any other meat-related question you may have.

With over 180 items to choose from, all our beef is USDA Choice and aged-corn fed—directly from our local source, Aurora Packing. Our lamb, 
veal and pork are also USDA certified. In addition, Casey’s receives daily deliveries of a full line of the 
freshest seafood and poultry. Our butchers will cut all meats to order, weight or size – just right, for our customers.

Even Smarter Answers to Prepared Meats.

As an added benefit for our valued customers, we also offer a large variety of prepared meat products, 
such as stuffed chicken breasts, mouth-watering marinated meats, and homemade meatloaf—all made in-
house by our professional kitchen staff.

Shop our full line of marinades, sauces, seasonings, rubs, and breading for your cooking and grilling needs.

Get smart. Casey’s is about everything that’s good for your life, including smart answers for the best meats available.

Why it’s smart to eat good, lean protein.

Lean meats are chock full of nutrients like B vitamins (niacin, thiamin, riboflavin, and B6). Vitamin B helps with metabolism, red blood cell formation and supports the nervous system.

Breathe deeply when you eat good protein! Meat contains iron, especially red meat, which helps carry oxygen through the bloodstream. Higher levels of magnesium found in good, lean protein is a critical element in building and maintaining strong bones. The zinc in lean protein helps support a strong immune system to keep us healthy all year long! Don’t forget that eating good quality, lean meats—like the selection from our butcher counter—is also a solid way to control your weight. Visit with a Casey’s butcher today.