Smart Answers to Poultry.

Casey’s receives daily deliveries of fresh poultry. Remember that our experienced, professional butchers are happy to cut your poultry to order and offer food preparation tips.

Choices for Chicken

  • Bone-in Breasts
  • Boneless Breasts – plain, breaded, stuffed or marinated
  • Drumsticks
  • Greek Marinated 1/2 Fryers
  • Perdue Whole Roasters
  • Thighs – boneless, skinless or skin-on
  • Whole Legs
  • Whole Fryers
  • Wings
  • Homemade Chicken Kabobs/Fajitas

We also carry Bell & Evans fresh whole fryers and boneless, skinless chicken breasts. These free-range, vegetarian fed chickens are raised without growth hormones or antibiotics. Bell & Evans ensures that each chicken is humanely raised and compassionately handled in a minimal stress environment.

Choices for Turkey

  • Boneless Stuffed Turkey Breasts – 4 stuffings: bread, broccoli/cheddar, florentine or apple raisin
  • Garden Turkey Burgers – red, yellow & green peppers, mushrooms & seasoning
  • Lean Ground Turkey
  • Rosebud Fresh Whole Turkeys – 12-14 lbs
  • Rosebud Fresh Turkey Breasts
  • Turkey parts – drumsticks, wings, necks
  • Frozen Turkeys – available in a variety of sizes. Call ahead to reserve the size you need. We are also happy to thaw the turkey for you …no extra charge!

In our freezer, we stock duck, goose, capon, cornish hen and pheasant. We are able to get fresh duck with 24 hours notice.

HoKas for the Holidays

During the week of Thanksgiving (and again during Christmas week) we carry HoKa brand fresh turkeys. These turkeys are raised and dressed at Kauffman Turkey Farm – one of the last independently owned family turkey farms and dressing facilities in the country. And they are located only 40 miles from Naperville! This is a wonderful product and has become a family tradition for many families in our community. We take pre-orders for whole turkeys and turkey breasts in a wide range of sizes. We also provide the option of pre-ordering whole turduckens and turducken breasts which we then prepare here in our store. Check back closer to the holidays for more detailed information!